What We Learned

While many efforts have been and are being made to address the issues and concerns related to the differently abled individuals, a very small percentage of those efforts actually impact a real person with a real need. The intent behind this learning is to ensure that the efforts made by individuals/organizations are made more effective in impacting the lives of the people.

We also learned that the data pertaining to the differently abled individual is not complete or accurate to allow effective decision making; this data is necessary to understand the complete profile including demographic data, psychographics, needs, issues faced because of disability, education, medical needs other support structures that may be required to enable a healthy and effective leading of their lives.

Astha is currently working at structures to address some of the core issues to begin with that have been identified in consultation with individuals from the differently abled communities.

Astha’s engagement model harnesses the energies and resources from various entities, aimed at improving the lives of the differently abled individuals. Astha acts as a platform to bring these together and help create synergies and powerful flows between entities to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and delivery.



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