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About us

Before a constraint shows up in the world it shows up in the mind and exists in agreements that are formed. The fundamental barrier for people is, this agreement, that there are only a limited set of possibilities for differently abled people.

Exploring potential, living joyously, living a life of complete participation is not even a dream for most differently abled people.

Astha aspires to ignite the dreams of the differently abled and the world about what is newly possible. This challenge cannot be addressed in the same realm of thinking that has gotten us where we are. It requires new thinking. Astha’s work enables differently abled people, their friends, family and society at large to think newly.

Astha is working on creating a world where differently abled people are equal contributors to the growth of our nation.

Astha aims at creating and providing opportunities for interaction between the “able” and the “differently able” worlds. This unique approach enables the participation of both these worlds and enhances their understanding of each other. This approach blurs the boundary between the two worlds to a degree such that engagement between the two is rooted in joy, satisfaction, and growth.

Astha empowers differently abled individuals to lead a life of their dreams, by giving them wings to fly. Astha does this by focusing on Para-Sports, Education & Participating in the Democratic Process (exercise their voting rights)

Astha undertakes projects to “discover” challenges, “create” solutions and “manage” delivery of these solutions.


Every differently abled person in India lives a life of their choice.


To empower every differently abled person to lead a life of complete participation and contribution. To transform their lives through para-sports, education and by exercising their voting rights, strengthened with the experience of “Anything is Possible.”

Current Projects
  • Empowering to participate in the Democratic Process of their Country

    We believe that people with different abilities have as much responsibility to their lives and society as anyone else and hence it becomes imperative for them to actively participate in the political affairs of our Country. ASTHA works on creating an environment of free and active participation in elections by people with differently abilities. Projects in this domain include projects on awareness; voter’s registration processes and campaigns and voting facilities; working with Authorities to make the required and suitable amendments in the rules and procedures, conducting research to enable framing of objective, effective and practical policies and laws.


    ASTHA is conceptualising and initiating building of an "ACADEMY FOR EXCELLENCE AND RESEARCH IN SPORTS FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED" in or around Bengaluru to produce world class athletes and sports person from the differently-abled community to participate in the Olympics at Japan in 2020 and win gold medals for our Country. Intention of this Academy would be to ongoingly provide facilities and training and coaching for para-athelets to achive excellence in their sports and create innovative Sports Programs to enable and empower differently abled to discover their natural human facaulties/abilities

    We have begun research and we are exploring the possibilities of integrated sports. The context of this idea of having integrated sports is that, that unless people with and without bodily disabilities come together for a Common Purpose, we as humanity will keep dealing with the issues of disabilities for many more years to come and not much difference would be made in the way the people with bodily disabilities perceive themselves others or others perception of them. The coming together for a Common Purpose is the opportunity to disappear the differences; when a team has Common Purpose the team is required to know about each member and operate as one; it is required that each other understand the mutual challenges and individual strengths. It is in this process that the people in team start relating to one another and they start empowering and supporting each other to perform as one team. There are no better avenues than sports to bring these worlds together for Common Purpose and allow them to engage in way that they discover each other and route their future associations to be of joy, satisfaction, opportunities, growth and contribution.


    As we are engaging in the two projects of Voting and Sports what we see happening is, people  with different abilities will now have a natural desire to pursue main stream profession such a Medicine, Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, Law, Journalism, Teaching, Sports, Performing Arts etc., rather than just focusing on rehabilitation trainings or vocational training to earn their livelihood. We are creating awareness and resources to enable minimum 25 differently abled to complete professional education of their choice and passion in next four to five years. The objective is to empower people with different abilities to live a life of complete participation and contribution.


    ASTHA from time to time engages in other activities / projects that are of main concern and interest to the community of differently abled people

    1. We are working on making railway travel more accessible 

    2. We are working on including a chapter on bodily disabilities at School Curicullum to create awareness and sentivity to this aspect in the socieyt

    3. Along with various NGOs we are working on creating a reliable Database of people with different abilities with an intention to facilitate better policy making , project creation and optimising the resources.

Latest Events
  • Jugalbandi

    We at Astha believe that a human being's ability to express the self is unique and has no relation to one's bodily ability, society or religion one is born into or for that matter any other human made factors. Human beings have a choice in...


    ASTHA OPENS HELPLINE FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED FOR THEM TO GET TO VOTE Differently abled can now reach out to ASTHA for any assistance regarding their voters ID Card or any logistical help on the day of election. THE HELP LINE NUMBER IS 99004...

  • Astha partners with Uber Bangalore

    Astha partners with Uber Bangalore to support senior citizens and differently abled to go to polling both. FREE travel to and from polling booths in Bangalore for senior citizen and differently abled on 17th April. Family members can...


      On 1st December 2012, Jugalbandi 1 was organised at Mount Carmel College Auditorium, Bengaluru. More than 20 differently abled artists participated in various forms of performing arts like Music, Dance, Singing and Painting. People with...

  • Jugalbandi 2

    Jugalbandi 2 was very unique event in which people with different abilities demonstrated their true spirits life and undounted ability to be happy and spread happiness. This event was conducted on 1st Dec 2013 at Gandhi Nehru Auditorium of National...

  • Jugalbandi Sports

    To mark World Disability Day for 2014 ASTHA created a unique format for Sports in which people with and without disability come together and play Sports. The details of these events are featured in an Article By Sportskeeda.com Long-term...

  • Jugalbandi 3

    JUGALBANDI 3 Was celebrated on 20th Dec 2014 to mark the World Disability Day of 2014. This was ASTHA's 3rd Annual Event.  This event was conducted in KASSIA Auditorium, at Vijayanagar Bengaluru   In the morning with the help of team from...

  • 2015 Jugalbandi Chess at Bengaluru

          ASTHA continues to create opportunities for Differently Abled and the others to interact with each other, discover each other’s world and to understand each other from new perspectives and common interests and mutual...


    1st Nov, 2015, Sunday, Bangalore: National College, Basvangudi was filled with high energy thanks to the drumming session.  As with all the events that Astha has organized till date, this event too was organized in the form for a jugalbandi...

  • Experience the Joy of Swimming

    IN WATER, THERE IS WHOLE NEW PHYSICS An introductory 10-Day *FREE* Swimming camp for people with all types of disabilities was organized in collaboration with "One Step At A Time" and in association with "The Karnataka...

  • International Debut of Vishwas

    K.S Vishwas is a true demonstraton of courage and determinatoion. Its been three years that he has been working hard to make it big in the Paraswimming. At the age of 10 he lost both his hands by accidently falling on live electric wires....

  • Accessible Swimming Pool

    On the first look of Pooja Aquatic Center any person with physical disability will get discouraged for the fact that more than 30 steps needs to compromised to access the pool. Sunil Jain, Founder of ASTHA ventured into discovering various ways to...

  • DAAN UTSAV - News Paper Collection Drive

    Lets Create NEWS!!! by giving Your News Paper! I am sure you have played Sports at some time in your life. And probably you are still playing and practicing some Sport. You have experienced the power and the benefits of Sports. Do you know there...

  • .

                                       You are invited                             ...

  • TABEBUIA OPEN, For Wheelchair Tennis

    Introduction For the first time in India an AITA ranked wheelchair tennis tournament was conducted from Dec 2nd to Dec 4th at Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association (KSLTA) in Bangalore. The Tabebuia Open Tournament was conducted by ASTHA under...

  • Marina Open 2017

      Marina Open - 2017 - AITA Ranked Tournament for Wheelchair Tennis With Marina Open IWTT brought AITA ranked Wheelchair Tennis to Chennai. The matches were played at SDAT Stadium, Nungambakkam 30 men and 6 women players participated in this...


    A Day in SAPLAB, Whitefiled, Bengaluru As part of Annual Serivice day at SAPLABs . Whitefiled Bengaluru Chess Jugalbandi was organised on 12th October 2017 Intention of this event was to create awareness among the employees, about the game of...

  • The First Serve

    THE FIRST SERVE @ MUMBAI Indian Wheelchair Tennis Tour, division of ASTHA is created to provide platform for development of and excellence in Wheelchair tennis in India. After conducting two AITA ranked wheelchair tennis tournament it was time to...

  • Igniting Dreams!

    Igniting Dreams!! An education sensitization program to empower differently abled children to pursue professional careers.   Speakers      •       Dr. Suresh...

  • Survey of Polling Station

      APPEAL TO ALL   Every vote counts People with disabilities will surely want to vote and be part of the democratic process. To enable the Voters who are disabled - It is important to let them know that the Polling Stations are disable...




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