We at Astha believe that a human being's ability to express the self is unique and has no relation to one's bodily ability, society or religion one is born into or for that matter any other human made factors.
Human beings have a choice in realizing their own uniqueness and expressing the same, very few amongst us realise and live that uniqueness. This uniqueness finds its expression through various means; some are able to access the same while others in search of the same.

ASTHA aspires to bring out the uniqueness of people with disability to demonstrate that what ASTHA believes is not JUST a belief but a reality that is unseen or hidden from the world.
The Way Astha approaches it is to bring to the world an observation of behavior or communication in the world of people with bodily disability and their environment which reveals that most of the
people who have any bodily disability irrespective of its extent and degree have to constantly fight to keep highlighting their ability to be performers, On many occasions this leads to a disconnect with other people who have all bodily ability.
Similarly when we observe people with full bodily abilities, more often than not, we will see that they are challenged to understand the world of people with disabilities.
This observation is the foundation of our unique offering that we call as Jugalbandi which literally means "entwined twins"; What defines jugalbandi is that the two soloists be on an equal footing. Both musicians act as lead players, and a playful competition exists between the two performers.
For Astha this translates as a Jugalbandi of an abled and a differently abled individual on an equal footing producing magic.


On 1st December 2012, Jugalbandi 1 was organised at Mount Carmel College Auditorium, Bengaluru. More than 20 differently abled artists participated in various forms of performing arts like Music, Dance, Singing and Painting. People with differently abilities got together with people with able bodies to create magic on stage. Manjibhai from Ahemdabad was star performer whose mouth painting left everyone speechless. Pratima Dani a young girl matched the art of Manjibhai by her fast paintings. Perormance by Students of Ramanamaharsree Academy for Blind left everyone in wonderment about the abilities of differently abled. Sudheendra, Vishal, Amit, Waseem who are visually challenged exhibited their soulful performances and it was an evening of true celebration of human abilities and true spirit of living. The Audience were so moved and inspired by the event that they demanded Auctioning of Painting. Pallavi Prakash gave a very enthralling Dance performance and Deepika T sung a very soulful song. The Painting of ManjiBhai and Pratima were auctioned and people were very generous. A fund of Rs 75000 was  generated. This event concluded with people sharing how this event has altered the way people with different abilities are perceived. Formation of a very strong team of Volunteers and supporters for Astha was another outcome of this Event.



Jugalbandi 2 was very unique event in which people with different abilities demonstrated their true spirits life and undounted ability to be happy and spread happiness. This event was conducted on 1st Dec 2013 at Gandhi Nehru Auditorium of National College, Basavanagudi. More than 30 visually challenged artists game outstanding performance in Dance , music and singing peformances from alomost 30 visually challenged artisits. Mouth Artist Manjibhai along with foot Artist Ramakrishnan were main attraction. Sudheendra, Team of Articulate Abilities, Renowned Blind Singer Rajaan Brothers were other inspirational performers. Pallavi Prakash once again entertained all of us with her elegance on the Dance Floor.

In addition to the stage performances, more  than 70 childern from APD; Chandrashekar School of Speech and Hearing and Yeshashwini Trust participated in a event named "SHARE A DREAM". In this event kids expressed and shared their dreams through sketches and drawings and paintings. The volunteers from the A Littel Dream (ALD) group of Mrs. Reena Choudary was phenominal. We even had blind children to draw/paint their dreams on Canvas and share with all.

Disability Commissioner Mr. K.S Rajanna himself demonstrated his craftmenship by making a paper bird and gifting the same to the Founder of ASTHA Sunil Jain with lot of appreciation and reagards for the work that ASTHA do.

More than 500 people witnessed this event and the view of disablity altered in the world for these people out of this event. Paintings of Manjibhai, Pratima and Ramakrishan were once again auctioned a Fund of 70000 was  generated by this event. 




2014 ASTHA Created occasion to bring people with and without disabilities together to perform in the field of Sports. The Idea is to allow people with and without bodily disability coming together for a COMMON PURPOSE. ASTHA realises that when people with and without disability come together for a COMMON PURSPOSE, as is in the SPORTS they will naturally find ways to interact with each other and find ways to have their association to be routed in in Joy, Appreciation, Contribution and Prosperity to each other. 
This breaks the myth associated with people with disabilities in the world and creates an environment of oneness where differences are respected and uniqueness is celebrated - that's real JUGALBANDI.

Details of the JUGALBANDI SPORTS is featured in an Article in SPORTSKEEDA.com



on 20th Dec - ASTHA celebrated Arts, Music and Dance Jugalbandi, in which people with and without disability came together to perform and entertain the audience. This event was to share ASTHA's vision of Sport Complex for People with Disability in Karnatka by 2018. The Main highlight of this event was Jugalbandi Painting - Manjibhai L Ramani from Ahemdabad, the Mouth Artist and Pratima Dani the Young Artist went on to a single CANVAS to create a joint Painting. Probably this would have been the first such attempt in the world..

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